Forms and Documents

Register your student for the team


Team Registration

There are a few steps that are needed to register a student on our team. This page will take you through each step. These forms should be filled out with a parent/guardian and student together.

  1. Team Code of Conduct
  2. Study the Team Handbook. After doing so, print out and fill out the Code of Conduct agreement acknowledging you've read and understand the handbook. If you ever have a question during the build season or competition, do not hesitate to look it up in the handbook, or ask a coarch/mentor for clarification.

  3. Register for FIRST Student Team Information Member System (STIMS)
  4. STIMS is the registration system for FIRST; it is not controlled by us. You and your child are required to register in order for your child to participate in competitions. It will ask for several pieces of information, including your program and team affiliation. Your answer to these questions will vary:

    • For the Wildcats:
      • Program: FRC
      • Team: 1510 The Wildcats
    • For the Flying Hedgehogs:
      • Program: FRC
      • Team: 2898 The Flying Hedgehogs
    After you finish this section, it will email you and the coaches a confirmation that you have completed this part of the registration. If you have any questions, this document should answer them. If this does not answer your questions, contact a coach or a mentor, or email the team at one of the addresses listed below.

  5. BSD Forms and Agreements
  6. All of the forms listed along the side (on mobile, below) must be printed and filled out. This document describes what each form is.

All totalled, there should be six forms filled out and signed, to be turned into the coach or head mentor. Do this either in person or by emailing the appropriate team email address.

For students in need of financial aid, fill out this form and talk with the coach.