As a student-run robotics team, we learn a whole lot and go through different experiences that outside of FIRST is very hard to obtain. We appreciate the support of the community, which consists of our parents, our school, our sponsors etc. We're here to ask for another favor: financial. We lost a major $10,000 sponsor last year and used up our reserve funds. Our expenses include $11,000 for registration fees and another $4,000 for robot parts to be able to compete by the end of this year. It had been 14 years and we don't want to stop here. We will take any amount through our Go Fund Me page. Thank you for supporting us.


Our team values STEM education and hands-on learning since we know for a fact that would help our students and community. We spread our scientific knowledge to others and recruit people to our team for the same reason, making the community a better place. If that is your philosophy and you would like to sponsor us, we would be extremely grateful. Your logo will appear on our team shirt, our robot and our website, being exposed to hundreds and thousands of future bright engineers and possible customers. Your donations don't have to come in cash, it can be in robot parts, products, tools etc. or even more valuable, mentors. If you choose us, we can't thank you enough. However, if you don't, we understand your decision. Thank you for supporting us.