Bunnybots 2016 | Round-a-BOUT

The Game

Bunnybots is an offseason competition for FIRST Robotics Competition teams hosted by Team 1540, The Flaming Chickens. 2016's game was dubbed "Round-a-BOUT". Round-a-BOUT was played by two alliances of three robots each. After a 10 second autonomous period, the 2:20 teleop period begins. During teleop, robots race around the track in a figure-8 pattern trying to cross as many track lines as possible, all while dodging Nerf darts launched by other robots. Significant points are also awarded for depositing stuffed bunnies into a burrow. This was a fast paced game that put a premium on a agile, robust drive train and driving skill.

Our Robot

Name: Nightfury
Size: N/A
Weight: 101 lbs
Competition History: Bunnybots 2016


4-wheel, 2-CIM mecanum drive
Pneumatic Intake Arm
Polycord Intake System