FRC 2017 | FIRST Steamworks

The Game

In the steampunk-themed FIRST Competition game of 2017, robots prepared to “take flight” by shooting wiffle balls into high goals and delivering plastic gears to airship structures on the field. By bringing gears to human players on the field, alliances can start their airship rotors for points. At the end of the match, robots climb ropes attached to their airships for additional points.

Our Robot

Name: Hedgeshot
Weight: 101 lbs
Competition History: FRC 2017 - FIRST Steamworks


6 wheel “West Coast” drive
Dual fixed-angle fuel shooters
Fixed gear manipulator
Mini-CIM climber system
Motion profiling capabilities


Imagery Award | PNW Lake Oswego 2017 | District Event

Finalist Award | Girls Generation Oregon 2017 | Off Season Event