Bob Hendel

Coach Hendel is the most experienced mentor on the team and has been there when we recruited our first members. He’s the mentor who goes out of his way to transport our tools and buy our materials. Right now he holds the responsibility of CFO for our team.

Neal Blodgett

Blodgett is our head mentor at 1510. His contribution to the team includes mentoring, tools and his residence as a workspace. Mechanical is usually his main area of expertise but he can also help us with electrical and is very proficient with CAD.

Philip Arola

Philip is our programming mentor. As an alumnus since 2016, he contributes his time assisting our students with programming and basic electrical. He also hosts and is responsible for maintaining the team’s website and media.

Eric Petersen

Peterson is another one of our programming mentors, and he assists us with more advanced programming endeavors such as vision. He is also the lead mentor in our goose bot project.